Page credits

How to get Spling page credits, and what they do

Signing up to Spling will get you 10 free page credits which you can use to test out the service, but creating larger report cards will require more credits. Spling page credits offer a flexible, cost-effective way to (massively) increase the scope of Spling's spell checking.

Taylor Osborn

June 4, 2024

Page credits?

Page credits are used to create or update Spling report cards which are customizable in both size and frequency. Whether you're a blogger or a large e-commerce site, understanding and utilizing page credits effectively can make content QA a lot more convenient. This guide delves into how Spling page credits work, how you can acquire them, and the various ways they can be utilized to keep your website's content in top-notch condition.

1. Page credits

Understanding and utilizing Spling page credits

What are Spling page credits?

Spling page credits are used to pay for the costs associated with Spling’s spell-checking services. Each credit allows you to spell check a single URL or page on any website. Whether you want to conduct a one-time comprehensive check of multiple pages or regular checks of key pages, these credits provide the flexibility to tailor the service to your specific needs.

Getting started with free page credits

New users who sign up for Spling will get 10 free page credits! These credits can be used to test Spling and create a report card for up to 10 URLs, or new users can opt to create separate report cards for individual URLs, giving you a taste of how Spling can enhance the quality of your website.

Utilizing page credits

  • Single use: A single page credit can be used to check one URL. This is ideal for focusing on specific, high-priority pages.
  • Bulk checks: If you wish to check multiple pages at once, such as a full website review, you can use multiple credits accordingly.
    For example, a report card covering 10 URLs will cost 10 page credits, and 10 single page report cards will also cost 10 credits in total.

Acquiring additional page credits

  • Purchase options: Page credits can be purchased on the pricing page in a variety of sizes with hefty discounts applied to larger tiers.
  • Subscription model: For users who require regular checks, subscribing to a plan that provides a steady flow of credits can be a convenient option. This is especially useful for websites that update content frequently.
  • Promotions and offers: Keep an eye out for special promotions, as Spling often provides extra credits to new and first-time users. Signing up early or during these promotional periods is a great way to gain additional credits at no extra cost.

Scheduling automatic Spling report card updates

For ongoing quality assurance, users can set up automatic spell checks on their websites. Automatic Report Card updates will ensure that your site remains consistently free of spelling errors, with regular report cards generated as per the scheduled frequency. This option is particularly beneficial for dynamic websites that are regularly updated with new content.

  • Every report card can be enlisted in automatic updates. This will rerun the Spling spell checking service and will use page credits for each URL checked.
  • Automatic Report Card updates can be


Spling page credits offer a flexible, customizable approach to maintaining the highest standards of spelling and grammar on your website. With options to buy credits as needed or subscribe for regular checks, Spling adapts to the unique demands of your website, ensuring it always presents the best version of itself to visitors and search engines alike.

This guide on 'page credits' in the 'Spling webmaster guide' series provides detailed insights into the flexible and user-friendly system of Spling's spell-checking services, emphasizing how website owners can effectively utilize these credits to maintain impeccable content quality.