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How Spling works


How to proofread websites with Spling

The internet is filled with typos! Learn how to use Spling to spell check your website and get peace of mind about the fidelity of your content.


Spling spell checks entire websites.

  • Spling finds typos and grammatical errors.
  • Spling can also help find correctly spelled words that are used incorrectly.
    Example: I am feeling board.

Add and remove URLs to check what you want and skip the rest

  • Match groups can efficiently include or exclude the URLs you want in the report card.
  • Spling is free to use for small checks, and large report cards are affordably priced.

Spling report cards show spell check results in one convenient place.

  • Spling can check hundreds of website pages simultaneously.
  • The report card logs the results in one shareable link.
  • Check out an example report card.
Spling finds typos on websites


Spling bridges the gaps between content creators, developers, and marketers by giving everyone powerful website proofreading and spell checking.

How can I spellcheck my site?

  1. Enter Website Domain
    Start a new spell check here.
    We will probably find the site's sitemap but if not you can enter it on the next step.
  2. Verify Sitemap
    Spling will look for a sitemap, if we can't find one, we will use other methods to estimate the pages on the site.

    You can manually enter the sitemap on the next step or proceed without. Either way, you can confirm the exact URLs Spling will check on the next page.
  3. Confirm Pages
    Some websites have thousands of pages, so this lets users select what they want checked. You can use the ⚙️ Settings menu to add match groups which will either include, or exclude all URLs that match their text.
  4. Report Card
    The report card is the result of the spell check and lists all of the grammar and spelling issues on the pages Spling checked.
Spling proofreads websites

How does Spling work?

Spling uses a variety of micro services to create text versions of websites and leverages dictionary and spell checking apis to bulk spell check entire websites.

Users can create Spling report cards (view an example report card)to track and share the results of their website spell checks. These report cards can also be updated automatically if desired, so that any future spelling and grammar issues are also caught.

What is a Spling report card?

  • Spling report cards store and deliver the results of Spling spell checks. Any report card link can be freely shared.
  • Report Cards can be edited to include more or fewer URLs using match groups.
  • Check the timestamp that is present on a Report Cards to see when it was created, this is helpful when differentiating between historic and present spelling issues.

Does Spling help with languages besides English?

  • As of July 2024, Spling only works for American English.
    The intention for Spling is to help native and non-native English speakers create high quality written content for US markets.
  • We are working on support for British/UK English in the next major release and will add support for more languages soon after.


Is Spling free?

Yes! You can use Spling for free. If you want to create larger spell checks that include more pages then you may need to buy some page credits.

You will also get some page credits for free when you sign up.

What are page credits?

Page Credits are used to create large Spling Report Cards.

Spling is free to use for everyone, but if you want to spell check a lot of things, you will need page credits. Spling Report Cards can include hundreds or thousands of pages, and there are generous bulk discounts when buying Spling credits.

What do page credits cost?

We have prioritized keeping Spling low cost. Page Credits cost just $0.01 - $0.05 depending on quantity. We want to make it easy and price effective for users to proofread websites with Spling.


I found a bug

Sorry about that! Please shoot us an email. Screenshots and context are helpful for debugging. All of our apps have some error tracking and reporting built in, but it's always helpful to hear from users.

I need customer support

We are happy to help. Spling is based in NYC and our team will generally respond weekdays from 9am to 5pm EST.