How to spellcheck a website

Spellcheck a website for free with Spling

This guide explains how to spell check a website for free with Spling in 3 easy steps.

Taylor Osborn

July 13, 2024

How to spellcheck a website?

1. How to spellcheck a website

1. Start the spellcheck

  • Enter the domain of the website you want to check on Or you can try just pressing 's' right now on you keyboard.
  • Spling will scan your site for a sitemap and robots.txt to try and find pages that will need to be spell checked. If you have many pages, or are lacking a sitemap, we will confirm the pages you want to spell check in the next step.

2. Confirm the URLs you want to check

Some websites have thousands of pages and you might not want to check them all. Spling is affordable, but it costs a small amount per page, so we give you tools to only check the pages you want to check.

  • Add URLs let you manually add individual URLs. These can be individually removed as well by clicking the [x] to the right of the URL.
  • Match groups add filter rules about what URLs will be included or excluded.
    You can lean more about Match groups here.
  • Note that checking a greater number of pages will increase the number of credits used. Learn more about page credits and pricing.

3. View spellcheck results on your Spling Report Card

The report card will be viewable and shareable at a link like this:

Every Spling report card includes these features:

  • Summary outlining overall number of grammatical and spelling issues.
  • List of typos each with a page location and a suggestion on how to fix.
  • The typos are presented in a group as many times the same typos appears in multiple places on a website.
  • Grouping the typos also makes it very easy for users to ignore a false flag for something that is not a typo, but looks like one. Ignoring a typo will remove it from the report card.

4. Share the Spling Report Card

The real power of Spling is how easy it makes it to share and document typos. We know that most Spling users may not be able to edit their website content directly, so Spling makes it easy to share the report card with your team.