Tips for Indian businesses to win in US markets

Indian businesses aiming to reach US consumers require a flawless online presence. The US market is highly competitive, and spelling or grammar errors in your website's content can undermine your credibility and affect your reputation. In this guide, we will explore the unique challenges Indian businesses face when creating websites for the US market and how Spling can help overcome these hurdles.

Spling spell checks entire websites
Spling spell checks entire websites
Spling can spell check any website.

Understanding the US Market

US Consumer Expectations: US consumers have high expectations regarding website professionalism and quality. They expect clear, concise, and error-free content. Even minor spelling or grammatical mistakes can lead to a loss of trust.

Language Precision: Precise language is essential in establishing credibility and trust with US consumers. It’s not just about avoiding mistakes; it's about conveying your message effectively and professionally.

Common Challenges for Indian Businesses

Cultural Differences: Indian businesses often focus on detailed descriptions and formal language, which might seem verbose to US consumers. The direct and concise communication style preferred in the US needs to be adopted for better engagement.

Common Language Pitfalls: Indian English incorporates elements from various local languages and uses certain British English conventions, which can lead to confusion. For example:

  • Spelling Variations: Words like "colour" and "centre" (British English) vs. "color" and "center" (American English).
  • Article Usage: Misuse of articles, such as "I am going to the office" vs. "I am going to office".
  • Verb Tenses: Errors in verb tenses, like "I did not knew" instead of "I did not know".
  • Idiomatic Expressions: Indian idioms might not be understood by US audiences, such as "prepone" instead of "reschedule to an earlier time".

Localization Issues:

  • Measurement Units: Using metric units instead of US customary units (e.g., kilometers vs. miles).
  • Currency: Referencing prices in Indian Rupees without providing USD equivalents can be confusing for US customers.
  • Date Formats: Using day-month-year format instead of the US's month-day-year format.

Business Communication Style:

Indian business communication tends to be more formal and elaborate, which can be perceived as overly detailed or indirect by US clients. This difference can affect how marketing messages and customer interactions are received.Specific Challenges for Indian Businesses


An example of an Indian expression that would be uncommon in the US is the use of the word "prepone." In India, "prepone" is commonly used to mean advancing or moving an event to an earlier time. For example, an Indian might say, "Let's prepone the meeting to 10 AM."

In the US, the term "prepone" is not commonly used, and people would typically say, "Let's move the meeting up to 10 AM" or "Let's reschedule the meeting to an earlier time."

  • Indian English: "Please revert back to me with your feedback."
  • US English: "Please get back to me with your feedback."

The word "revert" in Indian English often means "to respond," while in US English, "revert" usually means to return to a previous state, making the Indian usage uncommon and potentially confusing for US readers.

E-commerce Stores: Indian e-commerce businesses looking to sell products in the US need to ensure their product descriptions are clear and free of errors. Typos or confusing language can lead to misinterpretation and lost sales.

IT Services: IT and software service providers must present technical information accurately. Miscommunication due to language errors can result in project misunderstandings and loss of credibility.

Content Marketing: Blogs and articles aimed at US audiences must be engaging and grammatically correct. Errors can detract from the professionalism and effectiveness of content marketing efforts.

The Role of Spling in Overcoming These Challenges

Comprehensive Spell Check: Spling scans your entire website for spelling errors, ensuring a professional appearance. It catches errors that manual checks might miss, providing peace of mind.

Grammar Correction: Spling detects and corrects grammatical mistakes, improving readability and credibility. This is especially important for non-native speakers who might struggle with complex English grammar rules.

Cultural Adaptation: Spling helps adapt your content to better fit US cultural norms and language usage. It can suggest more appropriate phrasing and word choices to make your content more relatable to US consumers.

Bulk Checking: Spling’s bulk checking feature is efficient for large websites and extensive content. It allows you to check multiple pages at once, saving time and ensuring consistency across your site.

Best Practices for Creating US-Friendly Content

Language Consistency: Maintain a consistent language style and tone throughout your website. Avoid mixing British and American English and ensure that all content is aligned with US preferences.

User Testing: Conduct user testing with US consumers to gather feedback on your website content. This can provide insights into areas that need improvement and help you understand how your content is perceived.

Continuous Improvement: Use Spling regularly for content checks and updates. Regularly updating and refining your content ensures it remains error-free and relevant to your audience.


Creating a professional and error-free website is essential for Indian businesses targeting the US market. By addressing language barriers, cultural differences, and localization issues, you can enhance your online presence and build trust with US consumers. Spling offers a comprehensive solution to help you achieve this, ensuring your website content is polished and professional. Try Spling today and make your mark in the US market.

Country-Specific Tips and Resources

Localized Resources: Explore resources such as online courses and workshops on American English and US business culture to better understand the nuances of the US market.

Community Support: Join online communities or forums where non-native English speakers can seek advice and share experiences. Platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn groups can provide valuable support and insights.

By leveraging these tips and tools, Indian businesses can overcome the challenges of creating English websites for the US market and achieve greater success.

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